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If you need additional support for Buchen please feel free to reach out to help

Bookmark Entry Actions

Each bookmark entry has a "more" menu represented by a circle with an ellipsis (...) which contains the following actions which are also in the long-press context menu for each bookmark.

These actions are explained in greater detail below.


Bring up the edit view.


A read-only view of the bookmark entry displaying all its information.

You also have the option to open / delete the bookmark from this view.


Bring up the share sheet to share this bookmark with other apps.

Copy URL

Copy the bookmark's URL to the clipboard.

Context Menu

You can long press on any bookmark in the list and you'll be presented with a context menu which contains all the actions mentioned above in addition to these:


Delete the bookmark.

Main Menu Actions


You can find some statistics about bookmark usage here.


Add a bookmark, providing a name, an URL and the browser you would like it to open in.

NOTE: the default is "safari".


Bring up the "more" menu which provides additional, less frequently used options.

More Menu Actions

These are the actions you find within the main menu's More button.

Delete All Bookmarks

This will delete all of your bookmarks after you confirm in the corresponding dialog.

You should export your bookmarks as JSON if you would like to re-import your bookmarks.

Export (HTML)

Export your bookmarks in an "import friendly" HTML format for desktop browsers.

Export (JSON)

Take your bookmark data with you where ever you would like to use it in a nice JSON friendly format.

Import (JSON)

Import bookmarks in a JSON format that must contain at least "name" and "url" and optionally "browser", "note" "visits" and "created".

Not supplying a browser will default to Safari / Default.

Note: See the section "Browser naming convention" to learn how to reference browsers by name in Buchen.

The value "created" must be in the date format ISO 8601

        "name": "test",
        "url": "https://www.test.com/"
        "name": "test two",
        "url": "https://www.test.com/",
        "browser": "firefox",
        "note": "an optional note",
        "visits": 64,
        "created": "2021-04-04T16:04:44Z"


Lock Bookmarks

When you toggle on this setting then no one will be able to view, edit or delete your bookmarks in the main app.

Also, most other functionality is disabled. So unauthorized people can not view Statistics or Import / Export bookmarks.

Important: Widgets will still show your top ten bookmarks. So, do not assume you have 100 percent privacy for your bookmarks.

Clear search on bookmark open

When this is enabled and you search for bookmarks, then when you open a bookmark from the results the search query will be cleared.

When you return to the app it will show the default list of bookmarks.

App Icon

Change the Buchen app icon displayed on your home screen. The current choice is limited but there will be more choices coming in the future.


You are here now. Learn about all the things you can do with Buchen.


Perhaps the least useful view of the app - this is just a little info about the app and licensing of 3rd party materials.


The search bar at the top will come in handy as your bookmarks grow. Search is flexible and will allow you to filter lists down even by emoji.

Search works in a case insenstive fashion against the following bookmark attributes:

Note: See the section "Browser naming convention" to learn how to reference browsers by name in Buchen.


Buchen comes with widgets in all 3 widget sizes showing you anywhere from 2 to 10 of your top clicked bookmarks from within the Buchen app or clicked via the medium / large widgets.

Unfortunately, the small widget will only open the Buchen app itself, but medium and large widgets, as mentioned above will allow you to click on your favourites and open them from the widget. NOTE: I'm afraid it will briefly go to Buchen first. If I can work around this limitation and keep your visits count, I will do that.


In the Shortcuts app you will find actions for "add bookmarks" and to "search bookmarks". In the section below there's a brief description of each. Explore the options within each shortcut to better understand what is possible.

Add bookmarks

This will bring up the "Add bookmark" view. You can provide all, some or none of the normal bookmark options to populate the form.

Note: Trying to pick an invalid browser value will cause it to default to "Safari".

Search bookmarks

This will take the search query and return any bookmarks that match. The search will behave the same as the in-app search.

The object returned contain the following data from the bookmark:

NOTE: "Open URL with app" is the URL required to open the URL with Buchen. The reason you would want this is to continue tracking the bookmark's visits or open bookmarks in a non-default browser. Otherwise, the experience might be better using URL.

Browser naming convention

For consistency browsers where you need to specify a browser (import, search, etc) the following names are used for each browser.

**Important**: When a bookmark does not use Safari / default as its browser and one of your devices does not have the selected browser it now falls back to opening in the default browser.

Custom URL Scheme

The Buchen URL scheme is buchen:// and currently the only option is "add" with the optional parameters:

Note: See the section "Browser naming convention" to learn how to reference browsers by name in Buchen.










Note: If the URL looks funny to you, don't wory that is correct - "https://" has been URL Encoded. You will need to URL encode your URLs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Control+Shift+a = Add bookmark

Control+Shift+s = Open Stats view